Friday, 30 September 2016

'The House of Oak' available for free from

The House of Oak

'People say a witch was once buried beneath the old oak. The kids who played in the woods, back when kids still played in the woods, used to talk about digging under that fat and gnarly tree to look for her bones.

This isn't the story of the death of Wayne, or Neil, or their mother. This is my story. A story about the house I built them in the branches of an oak tree back in 1976 or '77. A story about a witch, about evil, but about idle hands, too, and these old man's hands that planted two acorns in the soft dirt above their graves.'

My story 'The House of Oak' is available over on and it is entirely free - all you have to do is subscribe to the newsletter.

It's set within the same universe as the novels: Highwayman, forthcoming from Darkfuse in 2017 and Hangman (forthcoming from Darkfuse). Also, the novellas: Deadlift (Darkfuse), Flesh and Coin (Darkfuse), Death by a Mother's Hand, A Scarecrow to Watch over Her (Previously titled 'Scarecrow' from Blood Bound Books). 

And the following short stories: The House of Oak (available at with a free subscription), Pigs in Blankets (forthcoming in the '12 Days' anthology, all proceeds to Cystic Fibrosis UK).

They are all stories of the Green Man, the White Hart, and all the Lords and Ladies of Old England...and of an old lady named Ma Mulrone...

Love you, and thanks for reading. 


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