Saturday, 22 October 2016

Titles coming to Audible soon

The following seven titles will be coming to Audible soon. All are available for Kindle for 99p or 99c for the rest of October as part of my Halloween sale. Prices will return to normal on November 1st ($2.99 for novels).


That's it for today. More news tomorrow or Monday on other projects.

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Are you responsible for what you write, or are your characters?

I always thought the answer to this was simple; both. But I'm not a politician, and I'm not responsible for what I, or the characters, think or say within the pages of a book. In real life, I'm moderately nice. Sometimes (often?) I write characters who are nasty buggers. But it's not the story which concerns me, it's the subtext and the meaning and the message within the story.

Clive Barker, a writer I like quite a bit, said (paraphrased) a writer shouldn't censor themselves. I agreed for a long, long time. I still do, for the most part.

We're not politicians, no. We don't need party members. We're not divine and we don't need followers. We're not obligated to sell a message, or a belief...but we do have some tiny influence, don't we? An awful lot of the things I hold dear - ways to strive to be a better man than I was yesterday - come from reading, and thinking about the things I read. There's an impact. You can't tell me that hugely human, and humane, words have no effect. Terry Pratchett's view of mankind, Stan Lee's view of heroism, Dr. Seuss' sensibility, Carl Sagan's wonder...the list is very long indeed.

A silly book made me question not what a writer should or shouldn't write (that's up to them) but about the underlying thoughts a reader might take from your tale. It was Lawrence Block's 'Matt Scudder' (#2 - title's not really relevant). The protagonist is dirty, sullied, corrupt...all things that don't bother me in the slightest. It's a story, fiction, and doesn't matter a hill of beans. What did trouble me was the assertion that nothing short of murder affected the protagonist. He didn't care if you were a thief, a blackmailer, a pornographer, a drug dealer...but when faced with a paedophile he largely let it slide - the abuse of young boys (11 years old, here) and he only intervened when the guy killed a man.

Now, Lawrence Block's a writer and Scudder's a character, and there's a distinction between the two, just as an actor isn't the character they play. But it made me question where I'd draw the line. I'm not going to cross out passages, go back, boycott Block (I won't read Matt Scudder stories again more because one's enough). Made me question not what a writer should put in, or where a writer should go...but if good sense should move a writer somewhere. People will still say your characters do it, but you write it. You figure out what's sensible, what's not. King's Under the Dome, for me, overstepped a writer trying to put across a message dear to them - it was heavy handed. Subtext, meaning, implications, these things sit beneath a story and give it a foundation, not on top. The story's the star, the characters tell it, but what happens underneath is something else entirely.

Me. Yoda'ing.

We're not politicians, and that's important because people might actually take something away from a book that will last. Thoughts, words that come out of our mouths, but more - the actions we take upon them - are formed by those things which sit beneath, and that's the subtext of a book, and more; the subtext of us.

That's important, isn't it?

Fucked if I know. It's just a blog.

Yoda's done for the day. Later.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

How much is a book worth?

I'm sure I've pondered this before. Art vs. Lord Business. Artists need to eat, right? If you answered 'no' to that, you're wrong. Piracy isn't an art unless you're really dapper while you're doing it.

How much? Is it what people are willing to pay? Or what they're able to pay? Does it matter? You're trying to assign a numerical value to an unquantifiable portion of someone's heart and soul. Sure, you can be passionate about other things - you can, for example, really, really love dishwashers. But it has measurable parts, weight, diameter...and I guess there's a value to the labour included, generally paid in hours in small sums to those who assemble the thing. Should we be paid in hours put in? Amazon pays per number of pages read. It's a reasonable system, as far as it goes. Isn't it?

I don't know. That's the answer. Still the answer, and it's been the answer as long as I've been writing.

Still, there's a load of my stuff up for .99c/p!


Good gag, that. Like pretending you're alive at your funeral.

Wait what?

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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Halloween FIRE SALE! Everything must GO!

Every independent novel, novella, and short story collection published by me will be priced at 99p/c for the whole month of October. Fifteen books from my back catalogue - any one you want, or you can get the whole lot for less that $15/£15.

That's it. Seven novels, four novellas, four short story collections. 99p/c per book.

Link to my Amazon US page here:

Link to my Amazon UK page here:

If you're in any other country, just change the country part of your link to suit you, or search on Amazon where you are.

Books discounted for October:

A Stranger's Grave
The Dead Boy
The Love of the Dead
A Home by the Sea
Cold Fire
The Cold Inside
Dead in the Trunk
Angels in Black and White
Dark Words
A Scarecrow to Watch over Her
Death by a Mother's Hand
Walls of Madness

Pricing will revert to normal ($2.99) on 1st November.

Love you. right to ask (it's your dime/tuppence) but leave a review, eh?