Saturday, 1 October 2016

Halloween FIRE SALE! Everything must GO!

Every independent novel, novella, and short story collection published by me will be priced at 99p/c for the whole month of October. Fifteen books from my back catalogue - any one you want, or you can get the whole lot for less that $15/£15.

That's it. Seven novels, four novellas, four short story collections. 99p/c per book.

Link to my Amazon US page here:

Link to my Amazon UK page here:

If you're in any other country, just change the country part of your link to suit you, or search on Amazon where you are.

Books discounted for October:

A Stranger's Grave
The Dead Boy
The Love of the Dead
A Home by the Sea
Cold Fire
The Cold Inside
Dead in the Trunk
Angels in Black and White
Dark Words
A Scarecrow to Watch over Her
Death by a Mother's Hand
Walls of Madness

Pricing will revert to normal ($2.99) on 1st November.

Love you. right to ask (it's your dime/tuppence) but leave a review, eh?


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