Tuesday, 20 December 2016

End of Year Round-Up 2/2

Just a little note, before we start, on consistency and the artistic mind...

People seem to romanticise, somewhat, this link between being nuts and being creative. It's there, sure. I wrote a novel in a week, once (BLOOD, DRUGS, TEA). The black dog wasn't visiting, but the mania fairies were flitting around annoyingly while I wrote it. Mania's more like a belligerent one-eyed tabby cat, an upside-down tortoise and three llamas, two of whom are drunk and one, the designated driver, really arsey because, well, he's sober. The point here is that you can reach ridiculous heights...but you can't be consistent. If you want a body of work rather than a footnote in a mental health journal, consistent wins every time.

This year I've been boring, haven't created wildly, but I have, actually, done a ton of work. I didn't think I had until I sat to write this two-part round-up...but I have. So...you know. Ner.

Successes and Failures

I can't say I really consider any of this year's work a success or a failure. To me, it's felt like I've been in a holding pattern. Like I'm a plane, circling, waiting for permission to land. Kind of dull, and I'm impatient, but I do have fuel reserves and others needed to land before me.

Jesus, what a shit analogy.

I did some of what I intended from last year's round-up - I wrote Beneath Rythe, although it's only a first draft and still needs probably up to around a fourth draft before I let anyone see it. I finished PIG with Edward.

Some things I hadn't planned on doing - the short stories which I put out. Some were paid, some I gave away, some I donated (I think? You donate to charity anthologies, right?), but none were wasted.

Some projects and jobs I didn't get around to at all. I haven't moved forward with Rain Clowns or The Temple of Art. I began the sequel to Left to Darkness in November and put it on hold until after I finish Red Ice Run with Ryan C. Thomas (which has moved on, but isn't finished at all...), and issued the paperbacks for the Line of Kings. My head won't be clear until I've done those, and I really suck badly at thinking about more than one thing unless those things are conveniently placed, nice and tidy, on a sequential timeline, preferable going from left to right, left being the past.


Moving on.

To be fair, a few of those 'failures' are because I was without a PC...some was just me. My fingers also kicked the bucket this year, so it took a while to learn to figure out how to get on with that.*

*Reynaud's. My fingers are not actually dead. Do not send tiny caskets.

One success, though - DarkFuse haven't, as yet, taken me round the back of the shed and put me down. Another success, I guess, it that although it's been a quiet year, I am still writing.


Life's part of my writing, I suppose, and it got in the way a bit this year. The Black Dog's big fat head hit me right in the balls. I got some news pills, and I feel better than I have for a long time, and I've been working regularly again - so, half-and-half.

My PC was blown up by lightning in the summer, and I'm still behind from that - a long way behind. I lost a lot of work, too. On the plus side, I got a PC upgrade. So, half-and-half.

I started playing Fallout 4, and like everything I do, I play obsessively. It cuts in to work time, but I really love it...all together now...half-and-half!

Overall? 50% for the year. Not a fail, not a win...just another year. That's a pass mark, I think. If there's a test for years. Which, frankly, there isn't.

Next Year

Hmm. Red Ice Run will be done in 2017 (I'm giving myself a whole year...hardly a stretch...). Highwayman (from DarkFuse) is out in January, which is very nice (I sent the signature sheets for the 52 limited edition hardbacks last week). The Line of Kings will be done.

Aside from that? Normally, I make some kind of tentative work plans for each year...this year I resolutely have done no such thing. I'm just a god-damned Maverick.

Wait, that's not Maverick...


Did the shelf of boasting grow? Yes...but not as much as me. I mean that in the philosophical sense, of course. I didn't get taller.

Learning and growing, dudes.

Love you.