Saturday, 28 January 2017

Is Donald Trump a Nazi?

Am I asserting that the current president of the United States of America is a Nazi? Yep. Yes. That's precisely what I'm doing.

Why am I writing it here? Because all it takes is silence, and inaction, but I'm goaded into writing something, too, because of all the accusations hurled regarding the likening of Trump to Adolf Hitler. To make such assertions is childish, ignorant, foolhardy. Sure it is. Trump's not Adolf Hitler. Of course he fucking isn't, and no one is saying he is. He's a different evil. But if a word, or term, or a name comes into common usage and that word now applies more than aptly to a set of beliefs, or ideals, or statements, or actions, then is that name not appropriate? Words, language, grammar; these are all fluent things. Over the course of decades the horror of Nazism has not dissipated, nor weakened. But 'Nazi' was, before gung ho movies about guns going pew-pew, a political party, with beliefs, motivations, and goals.

'Nazi' refers to a very specific mindset, and Nazism still exists. Hatred still exist. And if that hatred takes a close enough form to ideals and actions which have not faded or disappeared, using the word doesn't lessen evil. It is not dismissive, as though using a term to identify a person who uses hatred as a tool as a Nazi is a childish insult, or poorly reasoned, or insulting to the memories of those lost, or those who still suffer victimisation daily. It is justifiable, sensible, and entirely reasonable to use a perfectly good term in a world which requires and functions on labels to call evil what it is.

A man does not need to revere Adolf Hitler, to adhere specifically to the tenets of a dead political system, nor to swear allegiance to any flag nor crown to be a Nazi. As a word, it has grown to hold meaning broader than that; one who victimises those without power, one who uses jingoism and xenophobia to further ambition and to create an atmosphere of such fear among those of the populous who do not belong. Those other people...those people who are Of course we don't hate them...we just want them to cease to exist.

Nazism focused on Aryans, and supremacy, and the inferiority of other social, religious, and racial groups. Pretty much all of us know the historical and current meanings. I'm all for using the right word for the job. It isn't like supporting a football team, or a baseball team, where there is no wriggle room. The word has come to be synonymous with hatred, and hate groups. ALT-Right, Far Right, Extreme Nationalism,'s all the same sport with a different kit on.

Words have power, and the word 'Nazi' has not lessened in strength over many years, and it should not lessen. Is it exactly the right word for the job? Close-e-fucking-nuff, isn't it?

Quit nitpicking, quit bickering, quit having tea with him and hoping for the best. There are parallels, whether you like it or not, and circumstances, while not entirely identical, don't have to be in perfect symmetry for you recognise the likeness. If you see your face in a funhouse mirror, it doesn't suddenly become the face of a stranger, does it? It's a face we've all seen before, and will again, and it is no different simply because certain features are larger or smaller than we remember or than some hoped.

Love you.

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