Friday, 31 March 2017

Audiobook progress -

I approved 'Flesh and Coin', read by Molly King, today.

...and 'Cold Fire', read by Lee David Foreman, in the week.

These will both be available to buy very soon. 

I'm just listening to the audio for 'Insulation', and approved 'Days of Christmas' (read by Molly), so they'll be out in the next month or so. Later today I'll be listening to 'Deadlift' and 'Death by a Mother's Hand'. 

Nearly there, thanks entirely to Lee and Molly, who are doing a fantastic job with a rather large back catalogue. 

That's it - short and sweet update.

Love you.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

A Home by the Sea paperback available from Amazon

This is the last of the previously published horror novels, reissued by me, available in paperback again (it's available in ebook formats and audio, read by Molly King, too).

It came out perfectly.

A small bit of other news - I set up a YouTube channel. So far there are two videos of me reading my work, and one on me speaking about agents and story structure. Link below if you wish. 

Love you, and thanks for being the wind beneath my wings...



Thursday, 16 March 2017

Me, on agents, and on story structure.

I put this on YouTube (learning and growing). Part one, to 16 minutes (ish) is on agents. Part Two is on story structure.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Highwayman out in paperback, hardback and kindle

Highwayman is now out in paperback, hardback and kindle formats. The hardbacks (52 only - signed and limited) are sold out, but the others aren't sold out. I don't think you can sell out kindles.

That's it for now on Highwayman.

Other news: I'm listening to the audio for Deadlift and Cold Fire, so they will be out soon.

I'm trying to set up a YouTube account to upload video readings, too - Windows 10 broke Facebook Live. Here's the link to my YouTube Channel, and the first video (me, reading 'Highwayman').

Love you.