Saturday, 21 October 2017

BLOOD DRUGS TEA available in paperback for the first time

Like I said before, I'm quite happy (happier, in fact) being a hybrid author, but I do have old man hang ups - a novel doesn't feel done, to me, unless it's in print. I know it is, but there's some sense of finality about a print version being out in the world. Like saying, 'Yes, that does make you look fat' to your wife. A thing you can't take back, a thing that'll haunt you forever...

Anyway, to that end, I uploaded 'BLOOD DRUGS TEA', a kind of 90's tribute novel/murder mystery/love story with drugs and tea in it, as a paperback. I'm still playing catch up with all the things I haven't done, but after another week or so I'm back for a final draft of my Severed Press novel. More on that another time.


As always, with my indie releases, it's as cheap as I can manage.

Here's the cover/wrap for this one, and love you, and bye for now.

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