Wednesday, 18 October 2017

R.I.P. The Lies of Angels

I don't know when this was born (a long time ago), but I finished today. Date of Death: 18th October 2017. Rest in Peace, 'The Lies of Angels'.

This is my 39th full length story. I wrote it years ago, and always meant to make it what it should be. It was a 70,000 word novel. After cutting 45,000 of those words (none of which were needed to tell the story) and a rewrite, it's a novella, and something I'm proud of.


The Lies of Angels (Sample).
US Link
UK Link

This is an indie issue, so it's at my usual novella price of .99c/p.

I'll upload a paperback in the next week or so, and keep that at as reasonable a price as Amazon will allow.

Anyway, that's about that.

Baby Jesus loves you.


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