Wednesday, 1 November 2017

10 Things I Love About Us

It's been a while since I've done this, but I just watched a Tim Minchin speech, about praising the things we enjoy, and it seemed like a fine idea to me.

1. Stories. Any genre, any medium. Give me a good story and I'll be happy for a long time, and they sit there in our brains, percolating away, not just while we watch, read, listen, play, but after, too, and carry on going.

2. The Hulk. He's brilliant. He's big, doesn't need to go to the gym, and he's green. Great.

3. Music. There's so much music out there, it's difficult to find everything, and like stories, I'll die before I've even heard 1% of it. But even so, it's a marvellous thing, isn't it? Only 1% of all human creation and it can still move you, when you're happy, or sad.

4. Coffee. Stupid little bean thing. Cook it, grind it until it's dead, pour hot water on it, dissolve it in stomach acid. That'll teach it. Stupid bean.

5. Wonder. I remember the prize at the end of Highlander was to know everything. I'd never want that. Sounds like the worst prize ever. I'd rather win the shit set of garden trowels at a village hall raffle.

6. Elbows. People might think I hate elbows, but I don't. They're weird, especially lady's elbows because they go the wrong way for ABSOLUTELY no reason. But they're cool, really. You can bend your arm up, then down. Brilliant.

7. Nice people. It's a hard world, isn't it? Heavy sometimes. Isn't wonderful when someone takes just a little of that weight off your shoulders, or someone's shoulders, or the world's shoulders. Just lifts it up, and turns it back to stardust and lets it float away back to the void. The void can take it. We don't need it.

8. History. We're a tiny speck, like that stardust. All of us, all together, throughout the whole of existence. And we build stuff, create stuff, do stuff. Mr. Pyramid (TM) probably knew one day the whole planet would be gone, and all the people with it, but it didn't stop him, did it? Writing's futile. Of course it is. It's just stories. But everything's a story if there's someone around to tell it.

9. The Internet. What a wonderful thing it is. A whole planet full of everything, all around the world. Science Fiction imagines a neural web, implanted in our brains. Why bother? It's there at our fingertips. Don't be fucking lazy. Just use a computer, or voice commands, or a flick of the eye. The fact it's all there is easy enough. If things were too easy, why would we bother? Not everything's supposed to be easy, I think.

10. Fish. They've been here longer than we have. Some of them got bored and walked away. Some stuck with it. There's something admirable about that stubbornness. Just because some of them didn't want to hang out in the sea, they didn't all have to follow, did they? Fish, brilliant.

Anyway, that's it. Sometimes I'm miserable and forget life's wonderful here and there. Thought I'd share a bit of something nice today.

Love you. x

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