Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Mulrones Series Available Again (ebook and paperback)

The Mulrones 1-4 are:

A Scarecrow to Watch over Her
Death by a Mother's Hand
Flesh and Coin


Deadlift, book four, leads into The Land Between Midnight Trilogy. 1-3 are:


Coachman will be coming soon. It's getting toward the end of the year, and next month it'll be Yearly Round-Up time. By then, I'd like to have another couple of projects completed. If I can get caught up (I'm around a year behind my schedule...) Coachman will be along early in the new year to round up this series.

Oh, all paperbacks through Amazon are at the lowest price I can manage. I figure I make very little in paperback sales anyway, makes no sense to charge extra for them. I get around 40p a sale, and the Mulrones stories are up for £3.99 in paperback and .99p on kindle, always.

The Land Between Midnight are more expensive (2.99 for ebook and 6.99 or 7.99 for paperbacks) because they're longer. I'm pretty nice, but I do need to eat...

Love you.