Sunday, 3 December 2017

End of Year Round Up #1's been a whole year!?



Hmm...I had plans, but I didn't achieve what I wanted. I sat here, in my tiny shed, wondering what I actually have done...

Turns out I've failed most of my professed goals with quite impressive vim. Well done, Craig.

I have, though, done an awful lot which wasn't on my list.

I finished my bit of 'Red Ice Run' (with Ryan C. Thomas), finished a novel 'ALT-Reich' coming soon from Severed Press, the first draft of 'Hush' for a vaguely hopeful Angry Robot submission.


Molly King and Lee David Foreman worked solidly on these, and they're not all out, but at some point every one of my independent issues will be out in paperback, kindle and audio.

New out:

Edward Lorn and I published 'PIG'.

Reissues, Covers, Edits, Formatting and Paperbacks

In last year's 'End of Year Round-up' I said something along these lines - 'DarkFuse haven't taken me round the back of the shed and shot me'. Turns out, they put themselves down and went bankrupt. Bit of a bummer for them and those relying on them, though it didn't make much (financial) difference on a personal level. Either way, it's not the first time things have gone tits up, and I'm sure it won't be the last. What it did mean was that I've had to reissue a shit ton of work on my own. Which was a kick in the nuts.

That took up much of the latter part of the year. I've put the covers in here, which I did. I made the words, too. Clever, ain't I? Aaaand...I'm just going to leave this episode at that, because when I think of the amount of time this took it brings me to the edge of the pit of despair...

But...still love you. x

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