Friday, 8 December 2017

Nice Things - Authors/Books I Like

Trying to do some nice things this month as it's Christmas - more than the usual 'Buy This' or 'Evil Nazi' blogs...(Insert Cheeky Emoji Face)

Writers and Books I Like

Terry Pratchett - made a whole generation of humans think about what it means to be human while talking about trolls and dwarves...pretty cool.

Iain M. Banks (I prefer his Culture novels, but writing as 'Iain Banks' wonderful, too - Crow Road, or Feersum Endjinn)

Robert McCammon - Swan Song for sure, but I adore 'Boy's Life'.

Anything by Pat Cadigan.

Ursula Le Guin - Cool.

Alan Dean Foster - mostly read his movie adaptations, not because I don't know what happens - he's just really talented.

Robert Silverberg

Poul Anderson - Enjoyed everything I've read.

David Gemmell - 'Boy's own' novels.

Alice Hoffman - Magical, beautiful.

Shirley Jackson (We Have Always Lived in the Castle)

Annie Proulx - brilliant, although I confess I can't pronounce her name. Sorry, Annie.

Peter Straub - (Shadowland, Ghost Story - read Ghost Story in Japanese, looking up about everything tenth kanji, and still worth it again years later in English, which was much more fun...and took around a week instead of three months...)

Neil Gaiman (My favourite is The Ocean at the End of the Lane)

Edward Lorn - I read him even though I know him, which is silly, isn't it? But I loves him.

Carl Sagan - Astoundingly human.

Haruki Murakami - Beautiful and haunting - shout out to Alfred Birnbaum who did such an amazing job in translating the novels of Murakami's I've read, too.

Andy Remic - Good bit of blood and thunder.

Isaac Asimov - What you gonna do? Genius.

Keith Deininger - Reminds me of China Meiville, but more fun, and because I never remember which way round their 'i' and 'e' go...

Charlie Huston - Short, snappy, enjoyable. I'd read him over Cormac McCarthy if I'm looking for top, spare prose.

Stephen A. North - Writes fast, enjoyable action sci-fi and zombies. Great fun, and a wonderful feel for pace.

Gregory Norris/Gregory L. Norris - I think 'straight' people don't read enough of Gregory's work, because men kiss and stuff, but they should - he's one of the best I've ever read and I've read a fair few of his, and he's a great, nay, fantastic man, too.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. - I'll happily pick and read anything, anytime.

King (Older/Middle Era)

Joe Hill's 'The Fireman' and 'Heart-Shaped Box'.

Brian Hodge - Unsettling, and what seems an innate way with words, but story, and feel, and structure, too.

Joe Abercrombie - Fantasy books that zoom along and make you laugh just the right amount.

Lee Child - (Earlier Works) An amazing talent and I wonder if not slightly hampered by success. The earlier 'Reacher''s got mad skills.

Tim Lebbon (In the Valley where the Belladonna Grows is one of my favourites of his)

Anita Shreeve - Romance novels, really not my thing, but what a terrific writer.

Dan Abnett - he's a cracker, a great teller of tales.

Ian Woodhead - swift prose, very English horror stories, and always enjoyable.

There are hundreds more writers I enjoy, and thousands of books I've enjoyed, but that's enough for now, isn't it?

Love you. x

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