Friday, 28 December 2018


Just had a 3a.m. discussion with the wife about the kids, home schooling and the like. I'm just putting this here because I think it's a good point, and a simple one, and core to the whole thing.

Teach them it's okay to ask 'what?'

It's basic. It's what we return to, too. Now I'm losing my hearing I don't shout 'why are you asking that existential question of me, your husband by the archaic traditions of Christianity?!' from a different room. I yell 'WHAT?'

Teach kids it's okay to be who they are, and to ask questions. When they've got that, then maybe they can be cool enough to answer other people when they ask 'what?'

Everything else will fall into place. Learning isn't complicated. It's just Lego, and 'what' is the building block.

Love you.

'What the fuck?' is obviously a more complex question, but we'll get to that in part two...which is never. 


Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Hangman Audio Available Now, Read by Molly King

Morning World,

Boxing Day, which for me is the start of the New Year, because I'm not playing by the MAN'S rules, man.

The inimitable Molly King's reading of my grimdark urban fantasy novel 'Hangman' is now available to purchase through Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

It is the 1st in 'The Land Between Midnight' Trilogy. The second, 'Highwayman' is also available in paperback, eBook and Audio formats. The conclusion to the trilogy, 'Coachman', will be released in 2019...this year.


Here's a sample of the novel: Hangman Sample

This is the cover:

This is the blurb:

A man walks the streets of Frampton. Some people see him, though most don't. He's just the street sweeper...but he's a preacher, too, and he's preaching death.

Warren Johns, the last of a dying breed, may be the only one who can stop the Hangman. Stuck in the middle of a battle to save the townsfolk's souls are a woman and a young boy, and they need to be anywhere else but in the way when the Hangman breaks free from Hell.

Here's Molly's website: Molly King

Molly's on Twitter @mkaudiotx

I'm on Twitter literally every single day: @grumblesprout

Love you!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

End of Year Round-Up 2018


On a personal level I feel 2018 was kind of hopeless. I start out the year strong, usually slow during summer a little, and speed up again toward the end of the year. This year didn't follow my usual biorhythmic approach to work ethic. I've been very poorly in my brain and had a bad year of it. Other family changes (home schooling, which is great, but means less time), illness and ups and downs of life. It's hard for thee to kick against the prick...that sounds harsh, but it's a quote from Johnny Cash, and not mine (in measured hundredweight and penny pounds - 'When a Man Comes Around').


I can barely remember the year. It's hazy when I'm ill so I'm looking back over the blog as I write this and trying to nudge my memory.

I submitted a fair few stories, and honestly, didn't really get anywhere. I haven't heard back from most I sent out, so I'm just going ahead and assuming it's the 'can't be bothered to send a standard bugger off email' thing. I'm not naming any publishers I sent to, because I won't post negative comments about others here unless I cock up and do something by accident.

I will say I discovered some ace Science Fiction magazines, of which Beneath Ceaseless Skies is my favourite. A really good bunch, and good publication. A recommendation.


I wrote several novels, and even more short stories. I succeeding in most I set out on, didn't write as much as I wanted, and completely failed time and again to finish the next book for Severed Press, who have been awesome and patient with me. I'm on a neverending second draft of that. It's my current bane.

Reading and Learning, Learning and Growing

When I haven't been able to write (which has been upsettingly often), I've been reading, or reading academic articles, or scientific articles. I've enjoyed it. I'm not going to put everything in here, but that's been a very positive retro thing - been a long time since I read as much as I have this year, and I've enjoyed most of what I've read and learned, but more - the process, too. The act of learning and growing is something I've sorely missed.


I think the highlight must be Thunderstorm Books taking on Red Ice Run from Ryan C. Thomas and I. They make beautiful collectors hardback editions. They're limited (this run was 52) and they sold out. That was nice.

I've issued and finished a fair few projects. I guess the big one was the Rythe stories, and contracting with Mike Fallek to read for the audio.

Mike did the audio for Lore, too, which came out.

I put out 'Ghost Voices' on my own, but I don't like to go on about stuff so I didn't do a song and dance, and my voices is crappy and my hips are shit, so that's for the best. The book's pretty good though. Read it. ;)

Short Stories

I wrote enough short stories to put out a collection, but I didn't publish any. I'm sitting on around ten short stories and three novels.


Mike Fallek's joined my little team of...well, whoever wants to play. Molly King's still a badass. Lee David Foreman, unfortunately, has had to retire because of life. Totally understandable, but I will miss his voice.

Money Stuff

I put six books permafree, and put out lots on platforms other than Amazon. I never liked Amazon's stranglehold on independent publishing. I'm happy with the move, and broadening out has been a good thing for me.

If anything, not being able to write as much and being force to do other things, as I look back over this post, has actually been a good thing. So, that's why I do these 'round-ups' I remind me I'm not quite as hopeless as I think I am.

You can probably tell from the general tone of this blog that I'm not exactly firing on all cylinders, still. So...plan for next year?


I'm learning. I'm not promising anything for next year at all, other than the same as I always try: Get on with it.

Love you, always will. x

Friday, 7 December 2018

Unmental Health

I've been rather poorly for a long time. Ooh, about twenty years? Probably longer, but about that since they put a label on it. Used to be called Schizoaffective Disorder. Now I think they just stopped beating about the bush and call it Schizophrenic Affective Disorder. It's a doozy, but it's not a competition. If you're poorly in the head, I feel for you, son. x

Things fall apart. The centre cannot hold. That covers it pretty well.

I try to post about my brain hobby every now and then in the hope that it helps someone else. I don't do it for cathartic reasons. Talking about it doesn't help me. But it does help other people to speak openly about mental illness, and I think it helps combat the stigma attatched to mental illnesses, too. I don't give a fuck, because I live in a shed. A lot of people do, however, because they struggle with not only mental illness, but also with others perceptions of their mental illness.

Sometimes people say they wish they had my life. I sit in a shed, listen to music, write all day. Idylic, right?

Well, I don't watch TV because I hear voices and sometimes it's confusing. I nearly never leave the house because of anxiety and paranoia. I write all day because I'm intelligent and that intellect is sometimes an enemy which needs to be focused outside of myself.

I take care to even think nice thoughts just in case someone can read the bad ones. Keeps me nice, sure, but it's not the greatest, if I'm honest.

I was reaching what's called a crisis point, so I got my crisis pills. They're the ones I only take when it's all falling apart. I only take them then because they make me happy, and floaty, but also sleepy. If you're asleep all the time, you can't really function. I asked the doctor once how people with schizophrenia worse than mine cope - they don't, was his reply. It's largely an all or nothing deal. Schizoaffective is slightly lighter, I guess. Maybe. It's kind of a mix with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, so there's a middle ground where I can function, on a limited basis. But to do that? I prioritise. My priority is my family, and then work. If I can manage those, then it's as good as it's going to get.

It's not a secret, and it's not 'brave' me telling you this's not 'brave', because I'm putting nothing on the line by talking about it. But what is brave is those people who struggle daily to put food on the table when they want to curl into a ball. Those people who wear long sleeves and long dresses to hide the scars they cut and burn to feel something. Those people who get up and leave the house when they really want an errant bus to hit them so they might take a day or two off instead.

Anyone coping with mental illness - any illness, not just mental, because it's all the body really - is brave, and doing their best. It's not a free pass to be a dick, and you're an adult, right? So you still try. Sometimes you fail. Sometimes you succeed. You do your best, just like everyone else.

But if you're ill, if you're on the edge, or over it, or in the pit, or don't even know where you are...someone does love you. You are not alone. You might be able to carry on, to do might not. But you're not alone.


Unless, of course, you want to be. Don't worry. There is literally zero chance of me knocking on your door unannounced. Or ever. Or calling. Or texting. Trust me, I will leave you alone, so you don't need to stress about me. ;)

Love you, and love you all. Be cool.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Why HORROR is the Big Cahuna of Genre Fiction.

Because it ends in death. Doesn't matter what it is, horror's everywhere. It's omniscient. It's what waits for all of us, the shadow behind the fragile mirror we see ourselves through while we're alive, balanced on a knife's edge. It's the thought of our illicit romance being brought to light, the terror of the unknown and the wide, seemingly endless expanse of space. It's the fear, facing down a dragon with wit and blade alone. Horror is death, and terror, and pain, and that's consistent for all life. A shadow hidden beneath broad black wings which wait to unfurl at the final hurdle for all adventurers in life.

That's the lie, isn't it? That the hero, the main character, the protagonist, might get out alive. They won't. They can't. Death, the unreliable narrator, tell us the character won out against the eldritch monsters, the serial killer, the slasher, the alien threat, the joy of exploration whether of a new lover or a new planet or a dark, dank cave.

But we don't. No one gets out alive. Death's there at the end. He's not unreliable at all; we are. We lie to ourselves in our fiction. He's the one waiting on us all. The universal truth. He never lied about that.

Everything ends with decay and we can't fight the inexorable pull of those dread black wings.

He's the last lover we'll know, the true final frontier, and we're all designed to fail, no matter how many times we might win.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance and all you zombies, all you contenders, go ahead and try and put horror in a corner. You can't. It'll still be there. Death can't die. Can't be beat.

Run, will catch you, and there ain't no coming back, man. There ain't no coming back.

Love you.


Monday, 19 November 2018

Thank you - 100,000 visits!

That's at a rate of around visit a year over 100,000 years, but nevermind that. Thank you for putting up with my nonsense.

Rather than prattle on about me, me, me, I thought I'd share some of the stuff I've been reading over the last year. I try only to mention things or people I enjoy.

Frederick Douglass
Pat Cadigan
Neal Asher
Ernest Hemmingway
Isaac Asimov
Ursula Le Guin
Cory Doctorow
Ian Creasey
Elizabeth Bear
Langston Hughes
Carl Sagan
Tim Lebbon
Alexandre Dumas
Kurt Vonnegut Jr
Karl Marx
Isaac Newton
Graham McNeill
James S. A. Corey
William Gibson
Martha Wells
Kameron Hurley
Yoon Ha Lee

That'll do. It's not a recommended reading list or anything, just some people whose thoughts and stories I've enjoyed.

Love you. x

Here's a picture. It's not mine. It's by Sergey Kondratovich. I just like robots.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Red Ice Run sold out

I don't know what I'm expecting when I write a book, but it's always a surprise when people buy or read them. Red Ice Run, a little mobsters versus vikings novel with Ryan C. Thomas went to Thunderstorm Books for a limited run and sold out. That's pretty cool.

They're beautiful things, too. If you have one, thank you very much for buying it, and thanks to Thunderstorm and of course Ryan, too. 

Love you.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Lore Audio coming soon

I approved the audio for Lore, read by Mike Fallek, so as soon as it's cleared through ACX it'll be available for purchase from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Mike's Bio: 

Mike Fallek studied film and voices his own pet documentary mostly focused on pet history (Hamsters: The History, and Spiders Will Eat Your Face) because animals cannot write it themselves. His films have appeared on tv, are available in libraries, and are featured on many online platforms. Mike is a podcaster of note with a weekly audience into the 7,000 plus listeners. Also an animator, all of Mike's work commercial and independent plus contact information can be found on

Lore's available permafree as an eBook, as a paperback, and the link's here if you want to read the words on paper or screen:

or on Amazon where you are.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Bingo Bango Bongo Red Ice Run News.

Title's not relevant at all. Just thought I should post something on here and I like the song.

'Red Ice Run' from Thunderstorm Books, written by me and Ryan C. Thomas, came out two days ago as a 52-copy limited signed hardback edition.

The cover art is from Dave Kendall, the lettering by Zach McCain. 51 have sold, so there's one left. I think my maths is right on that, but I can never be sure.

The link is here if you're interested:

Love you.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Ghost Voices - New Release

I wrote this a while ago and never really knew what it was, or what to do I put it out under my own 'Dark Fable Books' label. It's a supernatural, psychological military thriller. It was slated to be a DarkFuse release, but never made it because they died. I didn't, yet, so I made the cover, formatted it, and here it is:

There's a sample and the back cover copy in the 'Excerpts' section near the top of the blog, but here's the back cover copy if you're interested.

Graham Calder was once a soldier. He lives a quiet life now, far from people in the Scottish Highlands, ever since a terrible injury in Afghanistan. It wasn't the enemy who scarred him, though - it was his brother-in-arms, Simon Bussey. Now Bussey's back.

The Grant sisters, Claire and Emily, hope for an adventure in Scotland's forests and mountains. Neither planned on fighting for their lives as they become entangled in the soldiers' deadly feud.

Bussey assumes Calder hides away because of his injury. He's wrong. Calder lives with schizophrenia, and can, because a ghost taught him to lock the nightmares in a box inside his mind. If he opens the box and let his demons out, will the Grant sisters survive?

They might...or it might just be Calder who kills them all.

I probably won't bother harping on about it much because I'm moving on to the next thing. 

Love you. x

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Anti-Writing


It was a dark and stormy night, but somewhere else and not where the story was set at all. Where the story was set, which was on a blog, it was hot as balls. Like the bayou, but only in underwear.

It was a writer who was writing the story, overthinking everything. He kept a gun in his pants, because Alfred Hitchcock indicated in a McGuffin style speech once that he should.

Chapter 2

SUDDENLY! As if by some catastrophic failure of mental hardware, the writer blurted out something in a strange accent that wasn't even his. 'Aye ham very well-educated,' in a blurty fashion, was what he said when he said it back then, in the speech marks. He used a long word, then, but irrelevantly and only thought it.

Hmm, he thought. That was perpendicular, and quite unnecessary to the story he cut that part and noted 'TLDR' in the edited version.

Then, he put upon his sparsely-haired head a Burberry patterned trilby while he prepared to leave the library in the west wing of his caravan, which he didn't have, and he wasn't in the library, but it would have had books had it been interesting at all, but it wasn't. He'd cut that later, too. He resolved to spent less time blogging and more time working, but he wouldn't get the chance because of foreshadowing!

Hitching up his pants before setting out, he shot off his cock.

The End.


Love you.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

R.I.P. 'Drift Glass'

Not often I get to do an obit for two long stories in a week, or month, even, but the first draft of this is done. I'm doing the second through the night, and a final check tomorrow to send to Tor. I have rather large expectations of rejection, but I'm doing it anyway. It's near-future military scifi noir with a touch of space exploration, I guess. I suck at categories. I don't know. Haven't quite figured out how to pitch that.

Either way, 'Drift Glass', RIP.

Here's a picture. Gotta have a picture. This is Igor Sobolevsky, whose work I love...just like I love you.

Friday, 10 August 2018

R.I.P. 'It Always Rains when the Circus Comes to Town'

It's basically magic space clowns. That'll do for an explanation. I wrote it with Tor's open window in mind, and finished about a week ago...

...and, it's not that I don't like it (it's magic space clowns, what's not to like?) I just didn't feel it'd fit with Tor, and I didn't want to waste the chance. I sat down last Sunday and started something else  instead, which I've got 'til this Sunday to finish. I'm not far off, and I don't know if I made the right choice writing something else, or if it'll make a difference either way, but what the hell. Worth a shot and a few late nights. Right?

Yeah, I don't know, either.

It Always Rains when the Circus Comes to Town is done, though, so whatever I decide to do with it won't be wasted, and fingers crossed I'll get the current one finished to submit, and be able to write a little obit on that (in time!).

Love you...back to work.

Monday, 23 July 2018

PERMAFREE books project

Here's the list of all books I've made permafree so far:

Vigil (post-apocalyptic time travelling vampires)
The Dead Boy (post-apocalyptic horror)
The Outlaw King (old school heroic fantasy)
Rythe Awakes (old school heroic fantasy)
Lore (space opera with a dash of adventure)

All are permafree on Amazon and all other platforms.

I just made Lore available in paperback. All the others are already available in paperback.

Vigil and The Dead Boy are available in audio formats, too, from Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

Here's the Lore paperback wrap and link:

Paperback Links:

Lore will also be released in Audio format, and Mike Fallek has signed up to narrate.

The last book I will put permafree is 'Hangman', the 1st of a trilogy, but I can't do that until September as it's tied into Amazon until then. 

Love you. x

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Wide availability of my books...

I'm working on putting some of my work permafree on Amazon and other platforms, and have taken some others out of KDP Select (an Amazon program) so that I can make those books available at other sales sites.

I have 'UBL's which open a page to links for all sites selling/listing each work.

Those that will be free everywhere:

The Dead Boy
The Outlaw King
Rythe Awakes

Hangman will be free, too, but it's tied into exclusivity with Amazon until August.

Paid books widely available are:

The Walls of Madness
The Cold Inside
The Rythe Quadrilogy Boxed Set
A Home by the Sea
The Love of the Dead
A Stranger's Grave

I'll be adding 'Bloodeye' and 'Masters of Blood and Bone' to the paid novels in August, when they're no longer exclusive with Amazon.

Monday, 18 June 2018

The Rythe Septology Completed

This was an unconscionable amount of work over a span of more years than I've been married. I've known these characters since before I began to work on the novels, from the very first character in my first published short story (A Matryr's Tale - concerning Tirielle A'm Dralorn's father, who warrants little more than a mention by the time she appears in 'Rythe Awakes'). That was something like seventeen years ago, and the first novel was written around fifteen years ago.

I will put out paperbacks for the last three (Rythe Falls, Beneath Rythe, and The Rythe Quadrilogy Omnibus) pretty much when I get around to it! The entire Line of Kings Trilogy, and the Omnibus, is available in paperback.

I need to say a huge thank you to Faith Kauwe, too, who is a terrific editor. She's worked on every single one of these books, editing over 800,000 of fiction. She's super cool. Thank you, Faith.

Thank you to you, too, for reading these books. It's taken a long while, and there have been problems along the way. Mostly, I didn't know how to do it fifteen years ago, but I wanted to. I hope I learned how by the end.

Love you.

The entire Septology (in order) is as follows:

#1 The Outlaw King
#2 The Thief King
#3 The Queen of Thieves

The Line of Kings Omnibus/Boxed Set Edition contains these three novels.

Next, The Rythe Quadrilogy is the continuation of the story/prequel trilogy, and closes all circles:

#1 Rythe Awakes
#2 The Tides of Rythe
#3 Rythe Falls
#4 Beneath Rythe

The Rythe Quadrilogy Boxed Set Edition contains these four novels.

All novels can be found on any Amazon at my page. I'm not putting links in, because fifteen years is enough. I'm moving on. 


Friday, 15 June 2018

Lore free for five days, Beneath Rythe Kink-free.

Lore is free for five days (from today).

Links: US

Beneath Rythe, the concluding book in the Rythe Quadrilogy, is officially kink-free now, so if you've downloaded it, now's a reasonable time to read it. If you haven't, it's safe at last. I am ridiculously sorry it got all squiffled, but by way of recompense...Lore's free. ;) Love you.

Links: US

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The Rythe Quadrilogy Boxed Set out soon

I'll be releasing this soon. I'm still ironing out some kinks with 'Beneath Rythe', but at this point I'm looking at around another four or five hours work to get that finished until I'm satisfied with it. This boxed set is only for Kindle, so that's probably a few hours work at most. I'll post again when I'm ready to go, and my sincere apologies if you've been caught by the kinks. I suck, I know. Sorry, love you, etc...


Friday, 1 June 2018

Coming Soon

As always, time to move on to the next thing.

Next in line to be published is Red Ice Run by me and Ryan C. Thomas, which will be published in a signed/limited hardback format by Thunderstorm Books, after which we'll look for a publisher for the paperback and Kindle rights.

I enjoyed writing Lore, and Severed Press have contracted me to write three science fiction novels (I write sci-fi under the cunning pseudonym 'Craig Robert Saunders'). I'm finishing up 'Field of Heroes' for Severed now; a heroic, space marine romp.

I'm currently shipping 'Hush' (science fiction) and 'Ghost Voices' so I'm hoping they'll be out this year. They are, obviously, finished, so we'll see and fingers crossed etc. Ghost Voices was under contract with Dark Fuse, but they died, so I've had to start the submission process all over again...

Next I'll be either working on 'Coachman' (independent release and the concluding chapter in the Hangman/Highwayman story) or one of two others due for Severed Press. I don't have a timescale for the Severed books, but I'd like to get two of the three down before the end of the year.

Toward the end of the year I'll put out a Rythe Quadrilogy Omnibus, and next year the entire seven Rythe books as a Boxed Set (I'll only do that as a Kindle). I intend to start looking for an audio narrator for the Rythe novels nearer the end of this year, probably. Enough going on for now.

Anyway, that's that, and I'm not making any promises. That way lies madness...also disappointment and headaches...

Love you. x

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Beneath Rythe Sample Chapters

Three sample chapters of my latest novel, 'Beneath Rythe', the conclusion to 'The Rythe Quadrilogy'.

Beneath Rythe/The Rythe Quadrilogy Book IV/Sample


Mostly suitable for a YA audience, too, these books. No swearing or nooky, although there is a bit of death and the like. Quite a bit. And some flaying. Beheading and wotnot. And a bit of nooky.

Fine for kids, though. ;)

Love you, bit busy, toodle-oo and that.


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Mega Free Epic Fantasy Promotion

'Beneath Rythe', the conclusion to the entire Rythe Septology (seven book saga, if that works better for you...) is available now. 

To commemorate the end of the largest project I've ever undertaken, and around fifteen years of work (and Faith Kauwe's tireless work editing away at around 800,000 words of fiction) the previous books in this series will be free to download from 28th May until 1st June 2018. 

You can find all of them on my Amazon pages in whichever country works for you. Sample chapters all available through Amazon's 'Look Inside' feature, and all books (this includes 'Beneath Rythe') free to Amazon Prime members.

The final book. Available now. Priced $2.99

All six of the following books are free to download all Amazon sites for five days:

The Rythe Quadrilogy:

The Line of Kings Trilogy:
(Prequel Books to the Rythe Quadrilogy, above):

Ta, love you etc etc. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Red Ice Run to be published by Thunderstorm Books

Ryan C. Thomas and I wrote this novel over the course of a year and a half or so, between other commitments, and it turned out rather well, I think. Thunderstorm Books will publish a signed, limited hardback 1st edition of our mobsters vs vikings action mash-up.

I uploaded a short sample on the blog. I will of course reveal more as I know more, but have put links to those involved to date. Dave Kendall (I love his work) is due to do the cover art, so I've included his link, too.

Thunderstorm Books (Publisher)
Ryan C. Thomas (Co-Author)
Dave Kendall (Artist)

And, lastly, the sample:

Red Ice Run

Love you.

God damn it, Google. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

What I've been doing

Just realised I haven't blogged anything for ages, so I'm blogging, because I haven't blogged for ages.

And forgot how to blog, it seems.

Wrote 'Taking the Nine to the Last Shop', a short, which got good feedback but I'm sitting on it 'til I figure out where it might go.

Just finished first drafts of 'Drift Glass' and 'Instead, she Lived the Gangfight Dreams of Madmen' (shorts), and I'll send those out for whatever may be soon.

Working on 'Field of Heroes' 2nd draft now for Severed Press.

Rythe Falls is with Faith Kauwe for edits. When that comes back, a tidy and paperback.

When Field is done it's final draft of Beneath Rythe.

Then I'm free for the next thing. That's all deadlines and big jobbies done, hopefully by summer. Still two to go for Severed and whatever else comes up, but no deadlines and I can go back to doing what I want, when I want to. Which is working all the time.

Love you, that's it - just putting this here so I remember, really.

Didn't say it'd be interesting...

Monday, 12 March 2018

Lore by Craig Robert Saunders - Promotion of Improbable Size

Released 31st March. Pre-order available now.

I'm running a massive 99p/99c sale to coincide with the release of 'Lore', by me, on the 31st of March. The sale will run from release day for one week.

All but four independent releases/reissues of mine will be 99p or 99c (Amazon will only allow the promotion in the US and UK, and those four aren't yet elligible). That's twelve novels on sale, cut from the usual 2.99 in the US, and one boxed set cut from the usual 4.99.

The list:

The Thief King, The Queen of Thieves. Or, the Line of Kings Boxed Set, which seems much more sensible to me.

The Tides of Rythe, Rythe Falls and read 'em in anticipation of the release of the concluding book 'Beneath Rythe' on April 30th. 

The Love of the Dead, RAIN, Vigil, A Home by the Sea, The Dead Boy, A Stranger's Grave, Masters of Blood and Bone, and finally, Cold Fire.

Short story collections and novellas are only .99p/.99c anyway.

I've yet to work out if this will help or hinder the launch of 'Lore' (or make no difference at all...), but hopefully you'll find something you like either way. 

Love you. 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

A Stranger's Grave Audiobook

Read by Lee David Foreman

A Stranger's Grave will be available in audio formats from Amazon, iTunes and Audible very soon, because I just approved it. It's one of my 'Norfolk' stories (like 'Hangman', 'RAIN', A Home by the Sea, The Love of the Dead - all set in places I know and love). When I started writing I was rather shy, unsure of what I could manage, and didn't really stretch myself with regard to location, so I centred a lot of those earlier novels in Norfolk. 

This is set in my local cemetery (just down the road from me) where I walk and think, and walk the dogs, or just sit when I'm stuck, or thinking my way through a story or life. It's beautiful there. This isn't exactly beautiful. It's a hard ghost story - a mystery, too - and I'm really pleased with it, and with Lee's reading.

I'll update this post with the links when it's approved by ACX, and there's a link and sample in the 'excerpts' section above the post if you're interested. 

Love you x

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Lore Pre-Orders Live

Lore is a 1/3 done, still on track (ahead, if anything) for the end of April release date. Paperback and Kindle will be out by then. I added a three-chapter sample of the penultimate draft in the section above these posts, but here's the link:

First Three Chapter Sample Link

And, managed to do that with both little ones off school with scarlet fever, which wasn't easy, believe me.

Pre-Orders are live for Kindle. It's $2.99. I was going to muck around with pricing, but all my indie issues are $2.99 because I can't be bothered mucking around with pricing and I don't intend to start today.

US Link
UK Link

Love you. x

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Masters of Blood and Bone available for pre-order

This is up for pre-order now. There are no edits to do, just formatting. I've given myself (and you, if you order it) until the end of April, but it's just a few hours work so it won't be that long. 

Pre-order links:

Lore is taking longer to get perfect (I really like this, and I'm putting a ton of effort in) but that's not until the end of March, so no problem, and it'll still arrive early. 

Pre-order links:

Rythe Falls is with the incomparable Faith Kauwe for edits, and after that she'll be the last on, Beneath Rythe - all on track.

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Other news - 

'Taking the Nine to the Last Shop', a short, was rejected by Lightspeed, and I sent it to Clarkesworld, but I'm not expecting anything. 

Hush, a novel, is with a few places, and I haven't heard anything, so...whatever. It will or it won't. 

The first draft of my contracted novel with Severed Press 'Field of Heroes' is done, but I don't have a deadline so I'll do the finals for that after I've finished Lore. 

The end, for now. Bye!

Friday, 2 February 2018

Lore - New Release

Lore is up for pre-order here: PREORDER.

There's a sample in the 'Excerpts' section just above these posts.

It's Science Fiction. Hopefully the cover's a giveaway, but you never know...

Love you. x