Thursday, 11 January 2018

Diary of a Forgetful Man

Largely writing this post so I can keep track of what I'm doing - I can focus like a demon watching porn when I'm doing one thing, but when I've got more than one? Memory of a peanut. Hence, figuring I've basically got a diary, even though it's BLOG!

So, this week, began 'Patriot Company', this/next month's project. I submitting Hush to an agent, to Angry Robot and to Baen.

I wrote a short for 'Black Library' last year (called 'Into the Black'), I think, and decided against it, not confident enough in the Warhammer world, but I figured the story was good, and even if I don't know all the ins and outs of Space Marines and Deathwatch and the like, they do. So I sent it. Baen and Black Library are submit and forget kind of timescales, so it won't hurt to have a record of it here.

8K into Patriot Company as off tonight.

And decided it's high time I got off my arse and finished 'The Land between Midnight' Trilogy (Hangman, Highwayman, and Coachman) so that's next, then, the second of three contracted for Severed Press (Alternity Engine) and after, finish the 'Rythe' books, the third for Severed after that (title I can't say because it's good), and I'll finish up the Oblivion series all at once.

Unless someone offers me an unconscionable amount of money to do something else.

Also, take the bins out and walk the dog.

Love you x

Picture of a Space Marine...
Until Games Workshop tell me off. ;)

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