Monday, 29 January 2018

RIP Field of Heroes

Finished a rough first draft of Field of Heroes today, the first of three novels for Severed Press.

It's missing the last part (just works out like that - can't write it 'til all the pieces are in place), and it'll be about twice as long by the final draft, but it's fine for a first draft and I'm going to rest it and do something else.

Field of Heroes
Jan-Jan 29th.

It's been far too long, and I've been putting it off, so I'm working on the Rythe Quadrilogy between projects to draw a line under that. It's only edits, so I'll edit/write something new/edit, which is my preference and suits me fine.

Also (putting these things here so I know what I did for the year end round up...), reading, Abnett's Embedded, Remic's Toxicity, Reynold's Revenger, Bear's Queen of Angels, and the Cyberpunk Anthology.

Wrote a first draft of a short 'Taking the Nine to the Last Shop' and began work on 'Instead, she Lived the Gangfight Dreams of Madmen'.

Had a rejection from Black Library, which is honestly for the best.

Waiting on submissions from Baen and Angry Robot, both fire and forget, a couple of agents, and a couple of other publishers for 'Hush'.

Still wondering what to do with 'Ghost Voices'.

Waiting on submissions for 'Red Ice Run'.

Otherwise, no news.

Love you. x

Artwork: Long Ouyang

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