Monday, 15 January 2018

Where to Find Me:

To anyone interested.

I'm shutting down my FB 'Business' page (I never liked it, and hardly use it)


I'm still on FB normal, but I don't accept friend requests from people who don't say 'hello' at least (bit like knocking on someone's door and just walking past into the house, I feel).

I'm on Twitter @grumblesprout and I like it there and use it.

I like my blog, so I'll still be there.

Amazon's easy enough to find.

The YouTube channel is running, but a tiny thing I don't really do often, and I usually either read from a new book, or just ramble about writing stuff.

I'm on Google+, but that, too, is mostly just me sharing this blog.

Love you, and for those followed me on the FB Business page, thank you very much, and hope to see you and chat to you on Twitter, or FB 'normal', or here.

Love you.

Picture from the wonderful Daryl Duncan, for my Twitter profile.