Thursday, 24 May 2018

Beneath Rythe Sample Chapters

Three sample chapters of my latest novel, 'Beneath Rythe', the conclusion to 'The Rythe Quadrilogy'.

Beneath Rythe/The Rythe Quadrilogy Book IV/Sample


Mostly suitable for a YA audience, too, these books. No swearing or nooky, although there is a bit of death and the like. Quite a bit. And some flaying. Beheading and wotnot. And a bit of nooky.

Fine for kids, though. ;)

Love you, bit busy, toodle-oo and that.


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Mega Free Epic Fantasy Promotion

'Beneath Rythe', the conclusion to the entire Rythe Septology (seven book saga, if that works better for you...) is available now. 

To commemorate the end of the largest project I've ever undertaken, and around fifteen years of work (and Faith Kauwe's tireless work editing away at around 800,000 words of fiction) the previous books in this series will be free to download from 28th May until 1st June 2018. 

You can find all of them on my Amazon pages in whichever country works for you. Sample chapters all available through Amazon's 'Look Inside' feature, and all books (this includes 'Beneath Rythe') free to Amazon Prime members.

The final book. Available now. Priced $2.99

All six of the following books are free to download all Amazon sites for five days:

The Rythe Quadrilogy:

The Line of Kings Trilogy:
(Prequel Books to the Rythe Quadrilogy, above):

Ta, love you etc etc. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Red Ice Run to be published by Thunderstorm Books

Ryan C. Thomas and I wrote this novel over the course of a year and a half or so, between other commitments, and it turned out rather well, I think. Thunderstorm Books will publish a signed, limited hardback 1st edition of our mobsters vs vikings action mash-up.

I uploaded a short sample on the blog. I will of course reveal more as I know more, but have put links to those involved to date. Dave Kendall (I love his work) is due to do the cover art, so I've included his link, too.

Thunderstorm Books (Publisher)
Ryan C. Thomas (Co-Author)
Dave Kendall (Artist)

And, lastly, the sample:

Red Ice Run

Love you.

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