Monday, 18 June 2018

The Rythe Septology Completed

This was an unconscionable amount of work over a span of more years than I've been married. I've known these characters since before I began to work on the novels, from the very first character in my first published short story (A Matryr's Tale - concerning Tirielle A'm Dralorn's father, who warrants little more than a mention by the time she appears in 'Rythe Awakes'). That was something like seventeen years ago, and the first novel was written around fifteen years ago.

I will put out paperbacks for the last three (Rythe Falls, Beneath Rythe, and The Rythe Quadrilogy Omnibus) pretty much when I get around to it! The entire Line of Kings Trilogy, and the Omnibus, is available in paperback.

I need to say a huge thank you to Faith Kauwe, too, who is a terrific editor. She's worked on every single one of these books, editing over 800,000 of fiction. She's super cool. Thank you, Faith.

Thank you to you, too, for reading these books. It's taken a long while, and there have been problems along the way. Mostly, I didn't know how to do it fifteen years ago, but I wanted to. I hope I learned how by the end.

Love you.

The entire Septology (in order) is as follows:

#1 The Outlaw King
#2 The Thief King
#3 The Queen of Thieves

The Line of Kings Omnibus/Boxed Set Edition contains these three novels.

Next, The Rythe Quadrilogy is the continuation of the story/prequel trilogy, and closes all circles:

#1 Rythe Awakes
#2 The Tides of Rythe
#3 Rythe Falls
#4 Beneath Rythe

The Rythe Quadrilogy Boxed Set Edition contains these four novels.

All novels can be found on any Amazon at my page. I'm not putting links in, because fifteen years is enough. I'm moving on. 


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