Monday, 23 July 2018

PERMAFREE books project

Here's the list of all books I've made permafree so far:

Vigil (post-apocalyptic time travelling vampires)
The Dead Boy (post-apocalyptic horror)
The Outlaw King (old school heroic fantasy)
Rythe Awakes (old school heroic fantasy)
Lore (space opera with a dash of adventure)

All are permafree on Amazon and all other platforms.

I just made Lore available in paperback. All the others are already available in paperback.

Vigil and The Dead Boy are available in audio formats, too, from Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

Here's the Lore paperback wrap and link:

Paperback Links:

Lore will also be released in Audio format, and Mike Fallek has signed up to narrate.

The last book I will put permafree is 'Hangman', the 1st of a trilogy, but I can't do that until September as it's tied into Amazon until then. 

Love you. x

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