Thursday, 20 September 2018

Ghost Voices - New Release

I wrote this a while ago and never really knew what it was, or what to do I put it out under my own 'Dark Fable Books' label. It's a supernatural, psychological military thriller. It was slated to be a DarkFuse release, but never made it because they died. I didn't, yet, so I made the cover, formatted it, and here it is:

There's a sample and the back cover copy in the 'Excerpts' section near the top of the blog, but here's the back cover copy if you're interested.

Graham Calder was once a soldier. He lives a quiet life now, far from people in the Scottish Highlands, ever since a terrible injury in Afghanistan. It wasn't the enemy who scarred him, though - it was his brother-in-arms, Simon Bussey. Now Bussey's back.

The Grant sisters, Claire and Emily, hope for an adventure in Scotland's forests and mountains. Neither planned on fighting for their lives as they become entangled in the soldiers' deadly feud.

Bussey assumes Calder hides away because of his injury. He's wrong. Calder lives with schizophrenia, and can, because a ghost taught him to lock the nightmares in a box inside his mind. If he opens the box and let his demons out, will the Grant sisters survive?

They might...or it might just be Calder who kills them all.

I probably won't bother harping on about it much because I'm moving on to the next thing. 

Love you. x

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