Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Hangman Audio Available Now, Read by Molly King

Morning World,

Boxing Day, which for me is the start of the New Year, because I'm not playing by the MAN'S rules, man.

The inimitable Molly King's reading of my grimdark urban fantasy novel 'Hangman' is now available to purchase through Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

It is the 1st in 'The Land Between Midnight' Trilogy. The second, 'Highwayman' is also available in paperback, eBook and Audio formats. The conclusion to the trilogy, 'Coachman', will be released in 2019...this year.


Here's a sample of the novel: Hangman Sample

This is the cover:

This is the blurb:

A man walks the streets of Frampton. Some people see him, though most don't. He's just the street sweeper...but he's a preacher, too, and he's preaching death.

Warren Johns, the last of a dying breed, may be the only one who can stop the Hangman. Stuck in the middle of a battle to save the townsfolk's souls are a woman and a young boy, and they need to be anywhere else but in the way when the Hangman breaks free from Hell.

Here's Molly's website: Molly King

Molly's on Twitter @mkaudiotx

I'm on Twitter literally every single day: @grumblesprout

Love you!

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