Saturday, 7 December 2019

Last non-work post of the year

First up, I'm terribly sorry. I've neglected the blog in favour of rambling over on Twitter.

This is the last post before I'm going to force myself to do the end of year round up. I've been unwell, I suppose. Or, supremely well, depending on your viewpoint. I haven't felt great, but I see with great clarity.

What's been an obsession with me (Tory/Labour - Evil/Good) has been a drag on my time, but the general election is nearly done, so I'm going to fade away whatever the outcome may be. I hope I'll be happy, and the majority of humans might be able to live a half-way decent life, too.

Either way, the next post will be my traditional yearly round-ups. Love you all very much, and happy Christmas.

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