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Since my first novel acceptance 'Rain' over ten years ago I've been published in various periodicals, magazines, short story markets. My short stories have been read on podcasts and reprinted here and there. I write novels because I haven't got anything better to do with my time. I have work with Severed Press and Thunderstorm Books. I've been published by Dark Fuse, Crowded Quarantine, Anachron, and more. My short stories have been published in 'Best of' anthologies, and my novellas have won a couple of awards. I've been in the top 100 bestselling horror and science fiction authors on Amazon, but it's not the NYT so I don't make a big song and dance about it. When rights to novels, novellas, or short stories revert to me I tend to reissue a 2nd, or sometimes 3rd edition through my own imprints: 'Dark Fable' for horror works, or 'Fable' for science fiction and fantasy.

I write whatever I want. Mostly horror, but some fantasy, a fair bit of science fiction. On ocassion I write bizarro, sometimes I write things even I can't manage to classify. I just write. Other people can decide what they want  to call my work. Aside from the titles. I usually make those bits up.

To date I've published 40 or so novels and novellas, and around a 100 short works. I've written around 50 novels, but I sit on a few for a while, and sometimes I send them out and around to publishers and agents for a year or more.

Work forthcoming from me - the conclusion to the 'Land Between Midnight' trilogy, 'Field of Heroes' and 'Xenophobia' from Severed. There are more, but I haven't decided what to do with them.

I've had a fair variety of jobs. My favourite was a carpenter, and I still like tinkering with woodwork. I got a degree in Japanese and Law and I've worked for law firms and didn't find it to my liking. I used to speak Japanese and worked as a translator and sometimes interpreter in my twenties and lived in Japan for five years. I try not to speak Japanese anymore because my family don't.

I'm quite easy going. I'm disabled, which is why I don't have anything better to do than write. I have schizophrenic affective disorder. Ordinarily I wouldn't bother saying as much, but I find that it's helpful for others to know they're not alone, and I'm a big advocate for mental health rights and share what I feel able to.

You can find me on Amazon in whatever country has Amazon, on D2D, Goodreads, Twitter, here, Facebook. I'm here and there, and honestly, I don't keep track. Twitter's my preference. Doesn't mean it's yours.

If you want to email me, feel free. I'm not going to promise I'll reply because you might be insane, or I might be. It's 50/50.

Twitter: @grumblesprout
Email: craigsbag (@)

Love you.

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