Full list of publications

Ghost Voices
Red Ice Run (with Ryan C. Thomas) – Thunderstorm Books
ALT-Reich - Severed Press
PIG (with Edward Lorn)
Highwayman - DarkFuse
Hangman –Anachron Press
The Dead Boy
Left to Darkness (The Oblivion Series #1)  - DarkFuse
Masters of Blood and Bone - DarkFuse
Cold Fire - Crowded Quarantine Publications
A Home by the Sea - Crowded Quarantine Publications
RAIN - 1st Ed. Twisted Library Press. 2nd Ed. Crowded Quarantine Publications
A Stranger's Grave - Grand Mal Press
The Love of the Dead – 1st Ed. Evil Jester Press
Spiggot – Grand Mal Press
Spiggot, Too
Vigil – Independent
BLOOD, DRUGS, TEA – Independent

A Scarecrow to Watch over Her (The Mulrones #1) –Blood Bound Books
Death by a Mother's Hand (The Mulrones #2)
Flesh and Coin (The Mulrones #3) –DarkFuse
Deadlift (The Mulrones #4) –Darkfuse
The Lies of Angels
UNIT 731 –DarkFuse
Bloodeye – DarkFuse.
The Walls of Madness –Crowded Quarantine Publications
Days of Christmas

As Craig R. Saunders:
The Outlaw King (The Line of Kings Trilogy Book One)
The Thief King (The Line of Kings Trilogy Book Two)
The Queen of Thieves (The Line of Kings Trilogy Book Three)
Rythe Awakes (The Rythe Quadrilogy Book One)
The Tides of Rythe (The Rythe Quadrilogy Book Two)
Rythe Falls (The Rythe Quadrilogy Book Three)
Beneath Rythe (The Rythe Quadrilogy Book Four)

Short Fiction Collections:
The Cold Inside
Dead in the Trunk
Angels in Black and White
Dark Words

Short Stories (inc.):

The Dead Train - 100 Word Horrors 1/Kevin J. Kennedy Presents
Widescreen Rapture - 100 Word Horrors 2/Kevin J. Kennedy Presents
The Dancing Car – Box of Delights/Aeon Press
Sleep and the End – Bizarro Bizarro/Bizarro Pulp Press
Playing Blackjack with Mr. Paws – Help Wanted/Evil Jester Press
To Knit a World, to Darn a Life – C is For Cabbage/Charity Anthology
Raintown Sam – Masters of Horror/Matt Shaw Publications
October’s End – Bad Apples 2
The Mirror and the Chair – Trapped Within/EyeCue Productions
Those Borrowed Faces – What Goes Around/Knightwatch
Pigs in Blankets – 12 Days/Burdizzo Books
(Untitled Story) – Behind Closed Doors/Matt Shaw Publications
Mummy’s Ickle Shoalja – Toy Soldiers/Angelic Knight
The Last Cold Day – Tales of Terror and Mayhem/Evil Jester Press
Red – Read the End First/Wicked East Press
The Hole in the Fence - Night Terrors/Blood Bound Books
Caterpillar – DOA/Blood Bound Books
In a Town Like This/A Short History of Time, Please/Playing Favourites/Shakira’s Bum and Stephen Hawking’s Wheelchair – Flash Fiction/Pill Hill
Recollection – Ginosko/Best of
Set Above Mortals – Morpheus Tales/Best of

Playing Blackjack with Mr. Paws – The Wicked Library

Grass can be Weeds, too/Mr. Wobble – Albedo One
Love is Like That – Samsara
Happiness – Open Minds Quarterly
Set Above Mortals – Morpheus Tales
Rapture - Conceit
Slate/Recollection - Ginosko

The Wooden Headed Man and the Lady with the Hole in her Heart/The House of Oak - DarkFuse
The Witch’s Cauldron/ The House of Dreams/The Martyr’s Tale/The Unknown Warrior - Nth Degree
Another Painted Bauble Falling from a Dead Tree – The Gal in the Blue Mask

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