Sunday, 21 April 2019

It Always Rains when the Circus Comes to Town

Things often don't work out the way you envisage when you set out on a writing project (otherwise known as a 'story'). I meant this story to be a novella - I felt like doing something light, and fun, and in my comfort zone, which has always been horror. It's about rain clowns, alien slug monsters, weed, friendship, PTSD, memory, ghosts, weed, tea, Lord of the Rings, evil, wealth, kindness, bravery, and of course a bit of death. All the best things horror can do, which is why I love it. When I write science fiction things have to be explained. Horror, you can just do whatever you want. Plot pothole? It's a GIANT CRAB MONSTER. Brilliant. I guess that's why horror and bizarro, and horror and fantasy, gel so well (well, in my mind). I always felt Clive Barker was a master at that. It's horrible and doesn't make any sense...put some weird shit in it.

This one's got some weird shit in it.

This is the first draft, weighing in at 40K and the final, after a break to write something else, will be around 50K. I'll send it to Thunderstorm Books first. I like Thunderstorm Books a lot. So, cross your fingers for me a spark up a blunt.

It Always Rains when the Circus Comes to Town

Friday, 19 April 2019

Some Recommended Reading

I asked for a few sci-fi works on Twitter and got a fair few back. I thought it might be useful to others as well, so here's a list from Twitter, and some things I'm reading/going to read, too.

Twitter recommendations:

Kim Stanley Robinson/Aurora
Jeremy and Hilaree Robinson/The Distance
Patty Jansen
Philip K. Dick
Thomas Ligotti
Mur Lafferty/Six Wakes
David Gunn/Death's Head Series
Jeff Nunn/Vurt
Helen McClory/Mayhem and Death
Becky Chambers/The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet
Kris Holt/This Burning Man
Brent M Kelley/Cruce Roosters
Brandon Sanderson/Skyward
J Barton Mitchell/The Razor
Kameron Hurley/Red Dame Apocrypha
Philip Palmer/Red Claw
Michael Crichton/Micro
Michael Mammay/Planetside
J S Coatsworth/The Stark Divide
Mike Carey/Felix Caster series
Peter F Hamilton/The Reality Dysfunction
Gareth L Powell/Embers of War
Scott Sigler
John Scalzi
Tanya Huff
Robert J Sawyer
Karl Drinkwater/Lost Solace
Joe Hart/Obscura
Patrick F Johnson/Monster of Earth
John Varley/Titan

That's close enough for Government work.

Some things I've read and liked well enough to mention, and some I'm going to:

Jake Bible/Roak
Richard Morgan/Altered Carbon
Annalee Newitz/Autonomous
The 'Infinity' Anthology Series
James S A Corey/The Expanse Series
Adrian Tchaikovsky/Dogs of War
C. Robert Cargill/Sea of Rust
Martha Wells/All Systems Red
Kameron Hurley/The Stars are Legion
Judge Dredd/Judge Anderson books (various authors)

I've read more, but honestly I can't remember all of 'em and that's quite enough for one day anyway. Love you! x