Endorsements and Reviews


‘A powerhouse of action and war reminiscent of Iain M. Banks.’ – Andy Remic.

‘Deeply nuanced look at military life that will grab you from the first page.’ Colin F. Barnes.

‘High-octane future warfare fun, gore and glory.’ – William Meikle.

 ‘Military sci-fi at its best!’ – Ian Woodhead.

‘A grimy, gritty and violent war novel. Highly recommended.’ – Michael Patrick Hicks.


'His dialogue crackles and his characters leap from the page.' - Michael McBride.

'Great stuff. Highly original. Incredibly well-written.' - David Bernstein.

'Compulsively readable. Snappy and fluid. Fast-paced and violent, yet there's also depth.' - Keith Deininger.

'An urgency and vitality to the writing that I loved.' - Wayne Simmons.

‘A gripping accomplishment.’ – Murder, Mayhem and More.

'Combines the quirkiness of Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas series with the hardcore mythology of Clive Barker to create an adventure that is both entertaining and terrifying. Horror adventure at its finest.' - examiner.com

‘Fast becoming a must read author in the realms of horror and dark fiction.' - Scream.

'Brutal and poetic.' Bill Hussey.

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